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The birth of a child is a much-anticipated event – one that is often one of the most exciting and wonderful events in life. Understandably then, when a birth doesn’t go as planned (when things unfortunately and tragically go wrong), the aftermath can be devastating on any number of levels. One of the worst things that anyone can imagine is seeing harm come to the children they love, and it can be shocking, overwhelming, and completely unexpected to have that harm happen during the birth process.

If you are the parent of a child who was injured at birth, you are certainly feeling emotionally devastated. And chances are that you may be feeling financially overwhelmed as well. While no amount of financial compensation can take away the pain of seeing your children suffer, you should certainly not have to deal with financial stress and worry on top of all of the other overwhelming concerns that are facing you. That’s why, if you live in Pittsburgh or the surrounding area and you are struggling in the aftermath of a tragic and unexpected birth-related injury, the team at KDS Legal is here to help you.

How Do I Know If I Have Valid Grounds for a Birth Injury Claim?

Some of the most common examples of birth injuries include:

  •       Cerebral Palsy
  •       Erb’s Palsy
  •       Brachial Plexus Injuries
  •       Shoulder Dystocia
  •       Brain Damage
  •       Fractured Bones
  •       Perinatal Stroke
  •       Infections
  •       Spina Bifida
  •       Spastic Quadriplegia
  •       And more

Certainly, this list is not exhaustive. If your child has one of these conditions, that condition may very well be the result of medical malpractice.

The birth process is, understandably, a turbulent time where much is happening all at once. It can be hard to remember the exact details, and it can be difficult to remember everything that occurred. Unfortunately, some medical providers realize this. And when an injury occurs, they simply tell the parents that there was a complication during birth in which no one was at fault. While this is, on occasion, true – it is often not the entire truth.

Sometimes, the truth of the matter is that negligence by the medical provider is the cause of the injury. Some common examples of negligent actions that can lead to a birth injury are:

  •       Oxygen deprivation during the labor and delivery process;
  •       Failure to use proper techniques during delivery;
  •       Failure to perform a C-section in a timely manner;
  •       Failure to monitor a child’s and/or mother’s vital signs prior to and during the birth process;
  •       Improper use of medical instruments and/or equipment;
  •       Medication error

Certainly, this list is far from exhaustive. There are any number of scenarios that might have occurred and may have involved negligence that could lead to a birth injury. If you believe that negligence may have been involved in your particular set of circumstances, the best course of action is to talk to a skilled Pittsburgh birth injury attorney who can listen to your story and advise you of your rights under the law.

While not all birth accidents are the result of medical malpractice, many are. When they are, you deserve the right to hold negligent healthcare providers responsible for the harm they’ve caused to your child, and you deserve to recover the compensation you need to help your child live the happiest and normal life possible. This can include compensation for past, current, and anticipated future medical expenses, costs of ongoing care, pain and suffering, loss of potential future income earning potential, and more. Contacting a qualified Pittsburgh birth injury lawyer who can help you to pursue this compensation as soon as possible is very important.

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